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1. Don't go past a misunderstood word.

This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people skim a text, without looking up words they don't truly understand, only to find themselves growing more tired as the course proceeds. If you find yourself growing tired - STOP - and find where the course was starting to loose you. The undefined word or concept may not seem obvious at first.

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2. Always use a visual.

Never work without mass. What does that mean? To truly understand a word, you need a visual reference. Stop your course, and search a photo reference, or even a video to add

3. Go Slow, Go Steady.

Build your Foundation.

Nothing will slow you down more in your career than being lazy in the beginning. Yes, studying takes time - but the in-depth knowledge gained will stays with you forever. Study in short, frequent sessions. Review previously learned material before beginning new material. You need to BUILD slowly. 

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4. Adopt the Student Mindset

As a pilot, your mindset should be to continuously seek knowledge so that you can be the most effective and safest pilot.

5. Adopt the Student Mindset

No matter how advanced you are in your career - a pilot never stops learning. You should never reach a point where you think you know everything. The pilot mindset should continuously seek be safer and more effective tha 

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